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Wishing for relief from RLS; wish granted

Advanced Micro Technology for rapid relief from RLS

Effective treatment for RLS

Whether you suffer from severe RLS or occasional periods of jumping, aching legs that interfere with sleep or travel our micro therapy units can provide rapid and effective 'on the spot relief'.

The unique way in which the micro-therapy units work enable them to excel at rapidly alleviating the symptoms of restless legs syndrome and because treatments are accumulative, regular use of them provides a lasting and permanent solution to RLS.

The M.A.D micro-therapy unit is the world's smallest and most effective PEMF therapy device, providing sustained treatments for RLS.
Treating your RLS couldn't be easier; you simply position the tiny units over the points indicated in the manual, using the ultra-thin, self-adhesive hypoallergenic pads and then simply switch them on.

treatment RLS

The MAD-1 PEMF therapy 2 unit pack for $169 including p/p

30 Day money back guarantee

treatment RLS
What causes restless legs?

Restless legs is thought to be hereditary and has been attributed to a decrease in dopamine levels that occurs during the evening and at night or when we are sitting still for long periods of time.

Although Restless legs is not in itself a life threatening illness, the effects of long periods of sleep deprivation caused by restless legs can be very serious indeed. It is now known that inadequate sleep not only effects the way we feel and function, dramatically reducing our ability to solve problems and deal with life, but it is also extremely detrimental to our overall health.

How do the M.A.D devices treat RLS?

Treating RLS ( Ekbom's Syndrome ) with M.A.D micro-therapy unit is extremely quick and easy. Most people find that they can completely stop the symptoms of restless legs by treating one specific point on each leg.

The M.A.D micro-therapy unit produces a specific PEMF wave that does not produce any sensations that can be felt by the user. However, this type of PEMF wave has been found to increase the levels of adenosine.

Adenosine has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and also directly effects dopamine levels.

The MAD is used in to treat traditional acupuncture points that are highly effective at treating restless legs because they also effects adenosine and dopamine levels.

This combination  of using PEMF  to treat acupuncture points means that the MAD units can provide reliable, effective and rapid relief as well as long term prevention of restless legs.


The advanced micro-electronics of the M.A.D therapy unit means that it is extremely energy efficient and supplies a massive 200 hours of therapy before its batteries need to be replaced; the lithium coin-cell batteries are cheap and easily replaced.

Please note: You will require a two unit pack to effectively treat RLS.
 These devices are not effective if you are taking any drug that effects dopamine levels.

30 Day money back guarantee

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