MAD-1 : PEMF Micro-therapy unit

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Licensed by M.E.S Technologies  to HoMedics UK under the brand name of iHeal see all Amazon reviews of the iheal)

Arthritis Frozen shoulder Restless legs RSI Carpal tunnel Tendonitis

Simple to use, anytime or place, even while you sleep!

Just put it on, turn it on and leave it to do it’s job


The MAD-1 PEMF therapy unit - 21st century micro-technology from New Zealand

“I can’t believe how something so small can be so effective…”  ...more

Pain relief and Healing technology

The MAD-1 micro therapy unit is the worlds smallest  and most effective PEMF therapy unit for treating pain, soft tissue injuries and arthritis.
The units small size and ease of use allows it to provide really prolonged treatments, which can be carried out while you get on with your everyday activities, or even while you sleep.
Sustained, low energy  PEMF treatments have been found to reduce the regeneration time of damaged cells to a quarter of the time normally taken, and provide you with a rapid reduction in pain and inflammation.

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 (HoMedics iheal) therapy unit?

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HoMedics iHeal

The MAD-1 (HoMedics iheal) therapy unit?

M.E.S Technologies (NZ) licensed the MAD to HoMedics who sold it under the brand name
iheal and TheraP across europe.

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HoMedics iHeal