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The use of pulsed electromagnetic wave therapy in tissue injuries

It has been shown conclusively, by several scientific studies, including a recent NASA study on pulsed electromagnetic wave therapy (PEMF), that sustained PEMF treatments provide the most rapid regeneration of cells, up to four times faster than untreated cells. For this reason the M.A.D unit needed to be tiny, so that it could be worn in almost any situation and provide sustained treatments while we work sleep or play, in a convenient and comfortable manner.

More than five years of research, development and testing went into producing the M.A.D unit and specifically into making it small and easy to use as well as extremely effective. The M.A.D. is now used in clinics, by athletes and by the general public in more than forty countries worldwide

How does the M.A.D micro-therapy unit work?

The M.A.D produces a very specific and focused form of PEMF wave (pulsed electromagnetic wave) which penetrates deep into the body; the wave is completely harmless and produces no sensations. However, this wave type (shape, frequency and power) produces two critically important benefits for the area of the body that is being treated.

Firstly, this type of PEMF wave produces localized vasodilatation (increase in size of the small blood capillaries), which allows a substantial increase in blood flow to the treated area. This benefits any injury but is particularly important when treating tendons as they have very poor blood supplies, compared to muscles, and this poor blood supply normally makes them very slow to heal.

Secondly, when this type of pemf wave passes through any conductive material, such as the tissue cells of the human body, it generates a tiny electrical 'charge' (voltage difference) between the cells that are being treated. This minute ‘charge’ causes an increase in cellular metabolism as the vital tissue salts in our body all carry an electrical charge. The pemf wave facilitates an increase in the movement of these vital tissue salts, and oxygen, in and between the cells, which has the effect of increasing the performance of the cells and reducing their regeneration time by up to 75%, i.e. four times faster than normal. If you place an M.A.D. unit over a large bruise and treat it continuously for 72 hours, you will see an area of approximately two inches around the unit completely heal up

The MAD-1 PEMF therapy unit is just $108 including p/p

30 Day money back guarantee

Why is the MAD-1 unit the most effective PEMF therapy device for healing and pain relief.
  • The Mad-1 was specifically designed to be easily worn on any area of the body. This is important as it is sustained PEMF that is most effective at healing an injury and reducing pain. Hand held or matt type PEMF units cannot be used for long enough to be effective.

  • The MAD-1 was designed to produce a PEMF wave that is specifically optimised for both effective PEMF power and penetration in a local area. Stick on, disposable loop type PEMF therapy devices cannot easily be positioned over the exact location of pain or injury and emit such a very low and diffused PEMF wave that it does not penetrate deep into the body to reach and heal the injured tissues.

HoMedics iheal unit.jpg
 HoMedics -Heal

The MAD-1 was also licenced by us to HoMedic's who sold it as the i-Heal, world wide, through major retailers such as Boots Chemist, Amazon, Argos and others.

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