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 HoMedics I-Heal

MES Technologies Inc New Zealand licenced the MAD-1 to HoMedic's who sold the I-Heal world wide through major retailers such as Boots Chemist, Amazon, Argos and others.

The MAD-1 pemf therapy unit was designed and developed in New Zealand. Due to peoples positive response we approached HoMedics to market the MAD-1 worldwide. HoMedics marketed the MAD-1 under the brand name I-heal.

What happened to the I-Heal?

The I-Heal was a fully certified medical device, however, HoMedics could not advertise the product in any way without full clinical trials for each and every disorder that PEMF can treat. As each trial takes many years and cost about half a million or more, the costs were prohibitive. We amicably parted company from HoMedics when the full scale of the problem with clinical trials became apparent.

PEMF stuck in medical limbo

All PEMF is in a medical limbo state. Once a clinical trial has proved that PEMF has a clinical effect on a specific disorder anyone that makes a PEMF device can use that research and accredit it to their own product. This means no one will undertake the huge costs involved in undertaking clinical trials as it could then be used by anyone.
This does not only affect PEMF but many other medical advancements that fall into the massive financial black hole that prevents their further development and advancement.

PEMF Research

If you were wondering, there has been a great deal of research into the effects of PEMF on various disorders, many involving its role in promoting rapid healing and reducing pain. Regulatory and advertising bodies will not accept this substantial body of research as "evidence" as it is classified as scientific research not as clinical trials.

Whilst we thoroughly understand the need for regulation, those regulation are now so costly and stringent that many, many great medical advances never make it to the people who could benefit from them. It is estimated that 95% of medical advancement fail due to the cost (millions) and time (15 years+) involved in bringing them to market.

How can you help?

If you are a multibillionaire who has benefitted from PEMF and would wish to see it widely available to the public please get in touch. We have a Senior doctor who is also a  professor of sports medicine who would love to do the clinical trails and has offered his time for free because he believes PEMF has the potential to offer so many people relief from pain and disability  and is just waiting for the additional funding required.

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