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Your Reviews of the MAD-1 (I-Heal)

"Have been using my M.A.D. unit for a couple of weeks now, on my Achilles tendon, the results are amazing. I use it overnight and now have very little stiffness and soreness in a morning, which is fantastic after years of pain."

"I injured my Achilles tendon whilst running and it had been causing me serious pain for the past three months. I have been in pain just walking and running has been out of the question. However, within a week of using your M.A.D. the pain had virtually gone and within a month I was back running again. Really, really impressed and pleased with the product."


"Bought these M.A.D. devices for my Patella tendonitis and have been extremely pleased with the results. This is the second time I’ve injured my Patella tendon and last time it took months and months to come right. I used two units one on either side of the tendon as you suggested and am now pain free after just three weeks. You tend to think that it could just have healed up on its own because you can’t feel the M.A.D doing anything but I know from how long it took to heal last time it is definetely doing something good in there."


"Treatment is going really well, only wish I had found them sooner, thanks for the advice

"Can't Believe how quickly they have worked. Last time I did my elbow in it took months to come right, many thanks."

"You must get fed up with hearing how well your units work. Thanks for answering my questions and good luck with the NHS bods, tell them to pull their fingers out we need this in under 5 years!!"

"Thank you for answering my questions. I injured my elbow about five years ago and tried ultrasound on it but eventually resorted to steroid injections. I can't believe that I bought another gadget after last time but I have to say that this time I have been really pleased with the results. Much easier to use and though I have only had it for five days there’s already an improvement."

"I have been treating my tendon every night for three weeks now and it has completely healed.... no more pain; can’t believe that it was that easy and that quick, I am recommending your units to everyone I meet who’s in pain.


"Thanks for answering my queries. Just thought I would let you know that things are continuing to improve, the extra unit seems to of been the solution."

"Thanks for replacing my damaged unit so quickly. Treatment has been going really well, I was frightened to be without one for too long."

"Working well and thanks for all the advice... great customer support."

"I can't believe how something so small can be so effective. Many thanks."


"No mess, no fuss, it hardly seems like treatment at all. I wouldn't know I even had the M.A.D. on if it wasn't feeling so much better, what a wonderful little machine."

"I recently had an excruciating tendon injury to my thumb/wrist on my right hand, which made it impossible to use it. I wore this device on the joint for up to 15 hours a day, and within four days I was able to use my hand again. Without it, healing would have taken weeks. It is easy to use, and completely painless as a treatment. This device should be on the NHS! Every home should have one: I give it a 100% recommendation.”

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