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Your questions answered.....

What does the MAD-1 (I-Heal) do?

The MAD-1, or (HoMedics I-Heal) is a tiny, sophisticated micro-electronic therapy unit. The MAD-1 generates a very specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave  that induces change on the cellular level, in tune with your bodies own natural electro cellular functions.


There have been numerous clinical trials that prove that this type of PEMF therapy speeds up cell regeneration, (including a recent NASA study that found that this form of low energy, low frequency PEMF, reduced cell regeneration times by up to 75%.


Our therapy units also excel at reducing muscle pain and inflammation and pain around arthritic joints.


Is the MAD-1 the same as the HoMedics I-Heal?

Yes, they are identical. We licensed the MAD-1 to HoMedics who sold it under the brand name of I-Heal. The I-Heal has full CE approval as a type IIa medical device.


Is is safe?

Yes, completely. The MAD-1 produces no harmful emissions or detrimental side effects. The wave produced by the MAD-1 is only a tiny percentage of the recommended safe limits for the human body. However, we do not recommend you use the MAD-1 if you are fitted with an electronic medical implant, such as a pacemaker, as there is a very slight chance that the MAD-1's emissions could interfere with such a device if it was placed in very close proximity to it.


Is it the same as TENS?

No. TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) simply applies an electric shock to your skin, which can easily feel. This shock numbs your nerves ,thereby temporarily relieving pain.

PEMF (pulsing electromagnetic Field therapy) promotes rapid healing of damaged or inflamed tissues. Your body cannot “feel” a pulsing electromagnetic wave.


How does PEMF work if you cannot feel it?

The M.A.D produces a very specific and focused form of PEMF wave (pulsed electromagnetic wave) which penetrates deep into the body; the wave is completely harmless and produces no sensations. However, this wave type (shape, frequency and power) produces two critically important benefits for the area of the body that is being treated.

Firstly, this type of PEMF wave produces localized vasodilatation (increase in size of the small blood capillaries), which allows a substantial increase in blood flow to the treated area. This is particularly important when treating tendonitis as tendons have very poor blood supplies, compared to muscles, and this poor blood supply makes inflammation and pain persistent and difficult to relieve and heal.

Secondly, when this type of PEMF wave passes through any conductive material, such as the tissue cells of the human body, it generates a tiny electrical 'charge' (voltage difference) between the cells that are being treated. This minute ‘charge’ causes an increase in cellular metabolism as the vital tissue salts in our body all carry an electrical charge. The PEMF wave facilitates an increase in the movement of these vital tissue salts, and oxygen, in and between the cells, which has the effect of increasing the performance of the cells.  If you place an M.A.D. unit over a large bruise and treat it continuously for 72 hours, you will see an area of approximately two inches around the unit completely heals up.


Why do some people not experience relief from back pain?

Back pain is a complex disorder often involving chronic muscle spasm, spinal compression and mechanical dysfunction. The MAD-1 can improve circulation and relieve inflammation thereby relieving pain for many people, however it cannot make a muscle relax, release a trapped nerve or remove spinal mechanical compressions.

Why do you recommend to use more than on unit for large joints & large tendons?

The MAD-1’s power cannot simply be up scaled into a bigger unit with more power, as this would fundamentally alter the healing properties of the unit. PEMF has to follow the laws of physics, try to imagine up scaling a fly the size of an elephant, it would no longer be able to walk up your windows as its increased mass alters its interaction with the laws of physics. It is the same with PEMF therapy, this is why we recommend to use multiple small units to treat larger areas, i.e. one on either side of a knee joint.

Why can’t I buy the I-Heal anymore?

The abridged version is that despite the fact that the I-Heal has full CE type IIa Medical approval,  a branch of advertising standards called CAP would not allow HoMedics to advertise the I-Heal in any way without new, full double blind clinical trials, as they were unwilling to accept the masses of clinical evidence and research already available to them.

Individual clinical trials for each and every condition the I-Heal can treat would cost  around half a million pounds for each disorder, which was completely beyond our finances. After years of negotiation with CAP, no financially viable solution could be found to allow the I-Heal to be advertised. Without the ability to advertise, the I-Heal was essentially dead and buried under a ton of bureaucratic paperwork.

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