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“I really wanted to find a way to treat my anxiety without drugs. I could not be more pleased with the results.”


I have treated myself for about two months now and have experienced a steady reduction in my anxiety and I haven't had a full blown attack now for over two weeks."


Not only have I been able to treat the social anxiety which I suffered from, but I have managed to greatly reduce my insomnia which I have had since I was a kid.


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The M.A.D micro-therapy unit was developed in New Zealand as a truly holistic treatment for emotional disorders. It focuses on re-balancing whole body function, including the mental symptoms.

It is tiny, discreet, simple to use and provides quick and effective relief for many types of emotional disorders. Whether you suffer from severe anxiety, depression or insomnia, our micro therapy units can provide quick and effective 'on the spot relief' and with regular use , long term prevention of symptoms.

The unique way in which the micro-therapy units work enable them to excel at rapidly alleviating the symptoms of emotional disorders and because treatments are accumulative, regular use of them provides a lasting and permanent solution.

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A unique treatment for emotional disorders

All sounds to good to be true…..

….we thoroughly understand your scepticism, so here’s what we do…

We tell you everything about how and why MAD-1 treatments works. If you want you can write to us or ring us and ask us anything you like, and for your extra comfort factor we offer you an absolutely no quibble money back guarantee.  

Our therapy unit is not a gimmick or a toy, it simply excels at treating emotional disorders.

So, may we suggest that you take your time, have a read, ask some questions if you like, when you are ready you can choose to join the growing number of people starting to live there lives free from emotional turmoil.

As you can see , the MAD-1  is tiny, however, don’t let its small size fool you. It is jam packed with micro-electronics so that it can do the job it was made for - provide easy, rapid relief from emotional disorders. It contains electronic in there the size of a pin head and metal alloy core so rare that we had to search the world to find it.

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What does the MAD-1 do?

Excellent question,  here’s the answer in a nut shell,  it generates a very specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave (PEW) that induces change on the cellular level and in tune with your bodies own natural electrocellular functions, altering your body chemistry at the cellualr level without drugs, a growing area of medicine known as human bioelectromagnetics. It took over 5 years to develop and if you keep reading you will find out why it took so long.