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 PEMF Treatment for calcific tendonitis

Rapidly reduces pain and inflammation

Reduces healing time by up to 75%

Simple to use, anytime or place, even while you sleep

Drug free, no steroids creams or gels required

Effective treatment for Calcific tendonitis

The M.A.D. micro-therapy unit provides quick relief from symptoms such as pain and inflammation whilst healing your  calcific tendonitis up to four times faster than standard treatments.

The M.A.D micro-therapy unit is the world's smallest and most effective PEMF therapy device, providing sustained healing treatments for the most rapid recovery from calcific tendonitis possible.

Treating your calcific tendonitis couldn't be easier; you simply position the tiny unit over the painful area using the ultra-thin, self-adhesive hypoallergenic pads and then simply switch it on and leave it to heal your calcific tendonitis.

treat calcific tendonitis iheal PEMF.jpg
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The M.A.D therapy unit produces no sensation or side effects, and is so comfortable to use and so small that you can use it to treat your peroneal tendonitis in almost any situation even while you sleep.

Used in 40 countries worldwide by clinics, athletes and the general public

The advanced micro-electronics of the M.A.D therapy unit means that it is extremely energy efficient and supplies a massive 200 hours of healing therapy before its batteries need to be replaced; the lithium coin-cell batteries are cheap and easily replaced.

The MAD-1 PEMF therapy unit is just $108 including p/p

30 Day money back guarantee

What is calcific tendonitis?

Calcific tendonitis is caused by a build of calcium in the tendons, it most commonly occurs in the rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder but can occur in any tendon. The cause of calcific tendonitis is not known although it does occur more frequently in people who do a lot of raising their arms above their head, such as basket ball players. Calcific tendonitis is a frequent leads to a condition known as frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).

Treatment of Calcific tendonitis has historically been very difficult with Cortisone injections being one of the most common treatments but which has a fairly low success rate. Other treatments include extracorporeal shockwave therapy, which usually requires an anaesthetic as it is extremely painful, and ultrasound guided needle lavage. This latter treatment also requires an anaesthetic and involves the insertion of a needle into the calcified area of the tendon, where the calcium deposits are attempted to be sucked out, Novocaine or Cortisone are usually then injected into the treated area.

treatment calcific tendonitis.jpg

Thankfully there is a better way to treat calcific tendonitis, 

and that is with the MAD -1 PEMF therapy device


The MAD-1 PEMF therapy unit provides sustained PEMF therapy that rapidly reduces inflammation and promotes healing whilst helping to prevent further damage to the tendon and surrounding tissues. A recent NASA study found that this type of sustained low frequency PEMF reduced cell regeneration times by 75%.

The MAD-1 should be in your medicine cabinet

30 Day money back guarantee

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