MAD-1 : PEMF Micro-therapy unit

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The M.A.D therapy unit produces no sensation or side effects, and is so comfortable to use and so small that you can use it to treat your achilles tendonitis in almost any situation even while you sleep.

Used in 40 countries worldwide by clinics, athletes and the general public

The advanced micro-electronics of the M.A.D therapy unit means that it is extremely energy efficient and supplies a massive 200 hours of healing therapy before its batteries need to be replaced; the lithium coin-cell batteries are cheap and easily replaced.

M.A.D. micro-therapy unit provides quick relief from symptoms such as pain and inflammation whilst healing your tendonitis, up to four times faster.

The M.A.D micro-therapy unit is the world's smallest and most effective PEMF therapy device, providing sustained healing treatments for the most rapid recovery from tendonitis possible.

Treating your tendonitis couldn't be easier; you simply position the tiny unit over the painful area using the ultra-thin, self-adhesive hypoallergenic pads or the custom made strap, the strap is intended for treating the forearm and wrist, then simply switch it on and leave it to heal your achilles tendonitis.

Unique treatment for achilles tendonitis

Just put it on, turn it on, and let it heal your achilles tendonitis

Quick and effective treatment for achilles tendonitis

Rapidly reduces pain and inflammation

Reduces healing time by up to 75%

Simple to use, anytime or place,even while you sleep

Drug free - no steroid, creams or gels required