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Why can it take so long to heal tendonitis?

The reason that tendons are so slow to heal is that they have very poor blood supplies compared to other areas of the body such as muscle or skin, both of which require lots of oxygen in order to do their job.
Unfortunately, tendons don't require a lot of blood to carry out their function, so consequently they have a much reduced blood supply, which means they normally take a very long time to heal.

The normal medical advice for healing a damaged tendon is complete immobilisation and rest, allowing time for the inflammation to subside and new cells to gradually replace the damaged ones. However, due to the poor blood supply that tendons have, it can take a very long period of inactivity to completely heal the tendon.

For many people this protracted period of inactivity is difficult or impossible to achieve and as a consequence their tendonitis can become chronic as it never gets the chance to completely heal.

Common Symptoms of tendonitis

How can I heal my tendonitis

The M.A.D (HoMedics I-Heal) PEMF therapy unit actively promotes rapid healing, even in chronic or calcific cases, providing you with the most rapid reduction of pain and inflammation and quickest healing times possible for tendonitis.

The M.A.D Micro-therapy unit produces a very specific type of pulsed electromagnetic wave (pemf) which produces no sensation and is completely harmless.

It has been shown conclusively, by several scientific studies, that the use of sustained pulsed electromagnetic waves heal cells up to four times faster than untreated cells. For this reason the M.A.D unit needed to be tiny, so that it could be worn in almost any situation and provide sustained treatments while we work sleep or play, in a convenient and comfortable manner.

More than five years of research, development and testing went into producing the M.A.D unit and specifically into making it small and easy to use as well as extremely effective. The M.A.D. is now used in clinics, by athletes and by the general public in more than forty countries worldwide.

The causes and treatment of tendonitis

Consumer M.A.D. test results

What causes tendonitis?

A tendon is a super strong, flexible type of connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones.  A normal tendon is sleek and smooth and glides effortlessly through its surrounding structures.

When a tendon has been damaged by impact, strain or overuse, it becomes rough and no longer slides smoothly and instead it rubs against the surrounding tissue, which leads to inflammation and pain.

Tendon injuries can become chronic, repetitive and even calcify (calcific tendonitis) leading to long term pain and restricted activity and the possibility of complete rupture of the tendon that would then require surgery.

Homedics I-Heal

Treatment for tendonitis


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