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 "I can't believe how something so small can be so effective...."   more.... 

bullet Rapidly reduces inflammation and relieves pain
bullet Vastly reduces healing time for hand tendonitis
bullet Cost effective and convenient home treatment
bullet Simple to use, anytime or place, even while you sleep!
bullet Drug free treatment, no steroids, creams or gels.


"No mess, no fuss, it hardly seems like treatment at all. I wouldn't know I even had the MAD-1 on if it wasn't feeling so much better, what a wonderful little machine."  more....

The MAD-1 Micro-therapy unit - 21st century technology from New Zealand

Unlike other hand tendonitis treatments that are designed simply to mask the pain or immobilise the area, the MAD-1 micro-therapy unit actually provides a complete treatment as it actively promotes rapid regeneration of damaged tissues and treats the pain.

The MAD-1 uniquely works in two ways:
  • You can simply place the micro-therapy unit directly over the area that is painful, damaged or inflamed which allows the MAD-1's unique PEMF  wave to work directly on the damaged area.
    PEMF therapy is proven by scientific studies, including a recent four year study by NASA, to substantially reduce the healing time of damaged tissues and is used by medical professionals to promote healing of complex fractures. 
  • Other MAD-1 units can then be applied to the appropriate acupuncture points for treating hand tendonitis. Acupuncture point stimulation has been successfully used for literally thousands of years to promote healing and stop pain.

We have found that this combined method of treatment provides both the most rapid reduction in symptoms and the shortest healing time possible for hand tendonitis.

No wires or complex settings to adjust.

Just put it on,  turn it on,  and leave it to do its job.

The MAD-1 micro-therapy units produce no sensation or side effects, and are so comfortable you can use them anytime you like, even at night.

They are attached to your skin via ultra-thin self-adhesive hypoallergenic pads or you can use the custom made strap on some areas of the forearm and wrist; both methods of attachment are included with your MAD-1.

Cost-effective self help home treatment for your hand tendonitis

The MAD-1's advanced microelectronics means that it is extremely energy efficient and supplies a massive 240 hours of therapy before its batteries need to be replaced (that's enough for 4 hours of treatment everyday for two months!). The batteries are inexpensive and easily replaced, making for incredibly cost-effective treatment for hand tendonitis. A full set of unique MAD-1 micro-therapy units costs less than two treatments from a physical therapist.

It is quick and easy to order your MAD-1 today using our secure online payment process


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The MAD-1 Micro- therapy unit is yours for just

 $89.00 / 51.00*

and comes with a  30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

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Treatment information

The MAD-1 micro-therapy unit is already set to produce the optimum therapeutic effects which means that it is extremely easy to use as it only has a simple ON/OFF switch.

We strongly advice you to buy two micro-therapy units if you wish to heal your hand tendonitis in the shortest time possible. This is because two devices allows you to treat both the damaged area and at least one acupuncture points at the same time which we have found to be the most effective form of treatment.

If the symptoms you are experiencing are severe, or in more than one limb we advise you to purchase at least four micro-therapy units as this means that you can treat all your painful locations and suitable acupuncture points simultaneously.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email containing clear and concise instruction on how to use your micro-therapy units. You will automatically receive acupuncture points for treating the hand, wrist, forearm, Forearm and shoulder. If you require acupuncture points for treating other locations please write to us at

Please note: Each pack of therapy units comes with one strap. If you need to use more than one unit on your wrists or forearms you can purchase additional straps with your order.

Hand Tendonitis

Hand tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons that operate hand and finger movement. Hand tendonitis is most commonly associated with overuse and repetitive actions associated with a persons job. This is commonly called repetitive strain injury or RSI.

Symptoms of Hand Tendonitis

When you have inflammation of the tendons of the hand it can become both difficult and painful to move the hand and fingers.

Treating hand tendonitis, What is hand tendonitis and why does it occur?

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon. A tendon is a strong, flexible tissue that attaches muscles to bones. A normal tendon is sleek and smooth and glides effortlessly through the surrounding tissues.

When a tendon has been damaged or part of it has become inflamed often through over-use,  it no longer slides smoothly and instead it rubs against the surrounding tissue, which leads to even more inflammation and pain, and can eventually lead to rupture of the tendon.

Why is Hand tendonitis so difficult to heal?

The reason that tendons are so slow to heal is that they have very poor blood supplies compared to other areas of the body such as muscle or skin, both of which require lots of oxygen in order to do their job. Unfortunately, tendons don't require a lot of blood to carry out their function, so consequently they have a much reduced blood supply, which means they normally take a very long time to heal.

How can I heal Hand tendonitis?

The normal medical advice for healing a damaged tendon is 'complete rest', as this allows the inflammation to subside and new cells to gradually replace the damaged ones. However, due to the poor blood supply that tendons have, it can take a very long period of inactivity to completely heal the tendon.

Thankfully, due to the development of the MAD-1 there is no longer any need to keep on suffering. The MAD-1 uniquely combines two highly effective forms of treatment, which provides the most rapid reduction of pain and inflammation and quickest healing times possible for Hand tendonitis.


Customers Emails

"Absolutely amazing! I have been treating my Hand tendon everyday for three weeks now and it has completely healed.... no more pain!

"Thanks for answering my queries. Just thought I would let you know that things are continuing to improve, the extra unit seems to of been the solution. Kind regards."

"Thanks for replacing my damaged unit so quickly. Treatment has been going really well, I was frightened to be without one for too long."

"Working well and thanks for all the advice... great customer support."
Mrs S

"I can't believe how something so small can be so effective. Many thanks."
Ms B

"No mess, no fuss, it hardly seems like treatment at all. I wouldn't know I even had the MAD-1 on if it wasn't feeling so much better, what a wonderful little machine."

"At last something that actually bloody works... great product!"

help treat your Hand tendonitis with the MAD-1

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The MAD-1 is sold with a  30 day money back guarantee .

If you are not completely happy with its effectiveness then you can return it within that time period and receive a full refund of the purchase price.

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