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Emotional disorders

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The M.A.D micro-therapy unit was developed in New Zealand as a truly holistic treatment for anger. It is tiny, discreet, simple to use and provides quick and effective relief from anger and irritability

A unique treatment for anger and irritability..

The unique way in which the micro-therapy units work enable them to excel at rapidly alleviating feelings of anger and irritability and because treatments are accumulative, regular use of them provides a lasting and permanent solution.

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No quibble, 30 day money back guarantee

All sounds to good to be true

We thoroughly understand your scepticism, so here’s what we do…

We tell you everything about how and why MAD-1 treatments work. If you want you can write to us or ring us and ask us anything you like, and for your extra comfort factor we offer you an absolutely no quibble money back guarantee.  

Our therapy unit is not a gimmick or a toy, it simply excels at relieving anger and irritability

So, may we suggest that you take your time, have a read, ask some questions if you like, when you are ready you can choose to join the growing number of people starting to live there lives free from anger.

Wishing you could feel less irritable and angry..

You are not alone.

It is for that reason that we spent more than five years developing a drug free treatment for anger and irritability that is highly effective, works extremely quickly and can be used to both treat and prevent anger and irritability. It is easy to use, has no side effects and can be used anytime or place you need it. Wishing for a life free from anger …..

                                                                                        ……Wish Granted!

What is pulsed electromagnetic wave therapy?

First lets be clear about what it isn’t… electromagnetism has nothing to do with “magnets”.Our therapy unit is not a magnet, it has no magnets in it, lets clarify…

When a metal has been magnetised it exhibits the attraction and repulsion towards other magnets that we can feel if we hold two magnets close together, this is called magnetism.
Magnets only have strong effects on other magnets and have minimal effects on non-magnetic substances, which includes the cells you are made up of. Therapy magnets, however well they are marketed, are identical to the magnets you use to stick notes to your fridge!

A magnet simply cannot "pulse". The only variations they can have is in the strength of their magnetic field, which is measured in gauss. All magnets are 'reverse pole' i.e. they have a north and a south pole.  A "unipole" magnet is the word used to describe a group of magnets all aligned to face the same way, they still all have a north and a south pole. They are magnets, they do not and cannot pulse, they resemble electromagnetism in the same way that chalk resembles cheese, are we clear now that electromagnetism is not a magnet, good…

What does the MAD-1 do?

Excellent question,  here’s the answer in a nut shell,  it generates a very specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave (PEW) that induces change on the cellular level and in tune with your bodies own natural electrocellular functions, altering your body chemistry at the cellualr level without drugs, a growing area of medicine known as human bioelectromagnetics. It took over 5 years to develop and if you keep reading you will find out why it took so long.

As you can see , the MAD-1  is tiny, however, don’t let its small size fool you. It is jam packed with micro-electronics so that it can do the job it was made for - provide easy, rapid relief from emotional disorders. It contains electronic in there the size of a pin head and metal alloy core so rare that we had to search the world to find it.

alternative treatment for anxiety

Treating anger and irritability


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One more thing, the batteries the M.A.D uses last a massive 200 hours, that a whole lot of therapy, and what’s more they are cheap and easy to replace.

As you know, the M.A.D also “induced movement of ions” which it does by producing a very specific and focused form of Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave (PEW).

If I can have your full attention just a moment longer because this is when we come to the “pulsed wave” part and why it is so important.
An acupuncturist will tweak the needles to “activate” them, to keep producing a continued effect. Our PEMF therapy unit could be likened to a mini body energy pump, each wave instigates more activity of the cells being treated. Remember though that this not a forced massive rush, like you would get from an electric shock, you cannot feel it any more than you can feel a nerve impulse that activates your big toe, it is subtle, mimicking and reinforcing your bodies own natural electromagnetic energy system.

pulsing electromagnetic treatment

We found that by combining the therapeutic effects of both PEMF and acupuncture our tiny therapy unit excels at providing both rapid relief and a long term permanent solution to emotional disorders.

 As if this wasn’t enough to tempt you to have a go, there is even more…

Recent studies into how acupuncture treatments work have revealed that acupuncture treatments (inserting conductive metal needles) directly effect the levels of our neurotransmitters that are responsible for our emotional state.

acupuncture treatment for anxiety lemon experiment

Acupuncture, the insertion of metal needles, momentarily “induces” electrochemical cellular change in much the same way as PEW. Remember the “lemon battery” experiment you did at school, inserting metals into electrolytes (a lemon in this case) produces a movement of ions ie, an electric current, well when you stick metal needles into human beings you get similar effects as the metal interacts with your bodies electrolytes.

If you would like to know more about the natural treatment of anxiety with PEMFor acupuncture treatment for anxiety then please write to us at

We love to hear from you and enjoy answering any enquiry you might have.

When this type of PEW passes through any conductive material, such as the tissue cells of the human body, it generates a teeny tiny electrical 'charge' (voltage difference) ,which you cannot feel at all, between the cells, a process known as induction, this causes and increase in cellular activity.

Because the tissue salts in our body all carry an electrical charge (electrolytes), the PEW causes an increase in the movement of these vital tissue salts, and oxygen, in and between the cells, which has the effect of increasing the performance of the cells in the treated area.

If you are a boffin please don’t ask us exactly what wave shape and frequency of PEW the M.A.D produces because just like the famous Colonel and his “chicken” we are keeping the recipe secret!

pulsed electromagnetic therapy

Human bioelectromagnetics

There is a huge amount of research into the vast area that is human bioelectromagnetics. One of which is that highly specific forms of PEW can relieve bipolar disorder, this was discovered purely by chance as a “side effect” of having an MRI scan.

It took five years to develop our therapy unit because we tried thousands of wave types until we found the one, and only one, which worked best for the treatment of emotional disorders.

Our M.A.D therapy unit  (Micro Aupuncture-Device, apologies for the acronym) produces this very specific and focused form of Pulsed electromagnetic wave (PEW) which penetrates deep into the body. This wave type (shape, frequency and power) produces several critically important effects.

So, what is electromagnetism then?….

Electromagnetism is a type of energy, it is one of the big four fundamental forces of nature that dictate how our universe and everything in it functions, wow. Another one of the fundamental forces your know very well is gravity, and just like electromagnetism it is powerful and everywhere and yet we are hardly aware of it at all in our day to day lives.
Electromagnetic forces are measured in wavelengths which can be extremely variable ranging form waves that can be thousands of kilometres to wavelengths of a fraction the size of an atom.

To start to understand the force called electromagnetism it is organised into something called the Electromagnetic Spectrum, which categorises the huge variety of electromagnetic forces there are in the universe. All the forces involved in interactions between atoms can be traced to electromagnetic force including the intermolecular forces between the individual molecules in your body, yes you, you are an electromagnetic entity don’t you know.
However, for the human race, one of the most important qualities of electromagnetic waves are that they impart an electrical 'charge' to the substances that they pass through. All our electricity, both in our bodies and that comes out through the sockets in your home are produced by the force of electromagnetism. Interesting stuff isn’t it.

human bioelectromagnetic therapy